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Happiness Self-Awareness & Goals

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I can’t remember where my train of thought started but it was sometime before I started writing this blog post. I started thinking about my Happiness Planner and how there are fields for “Today I’m excited about” and “Good things about today” and literally the only things I ever write in those sections are about food or working out (but mostly food). Here are some sample entries:

Jan.20 – Today I’m excited about: 
Making soup & Black Mirror
Jan.20 – Good things about today: AYCE Mongolian BBQ

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A New Year, A New Happiness Planner

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I’m used to defining myself as someone who takes her time to make decisions. Before I bought my Amazon Fire TV Stick, which I LOVE, I spent about a month researching the different streaming sticks to figure out which one was the best for me. Before buying a new backpack to hold my laptop, I pored over Amazon reviews for hours, because I wanted to make sure I got one that I liked for both design and functionality and that was made of high-quality material.

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My First Official Company Blog Post Is Up!

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Way before I was a developer, I was/am a writer. It’s kinda cool to be able to combine both of those now. A year ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that I would be writing a post on cross-browser development, but stranger things have happened. When my co-worker approached me about writing a post for the company blog, I agreed – and of course, somehow, I found a way to make it about food.

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