Work: CWTV Redesign


*Disclaimer: My work on this project has no affiliation with The CW Network. It was just a side project I did for fun because I love television.

In the midst of my Vampire Diaries binge last Spring, I stumbled upon the CWTV website, and decided to give it a makeover just for fun. I used Twitter Bootstrap, and displayed large, high-quality images for a top slider, which link to actual episodes. It was a good exercise in executing a web trend, since I'd seen similar sliders on Hulu and NBC's websites.

When designing the new site, I thought about how to personalize it, and drew from my own experience with Hulu. Being the TV addict that I am, I'm on Hulu pretty much every day. Typically, the first page I go to after the home page is my queue, a page with a list of new episodes for my favorite shows that I haven't watched yet. For the CWTV redesign, I decided to skip the extra step, and I placed the queue directly on the home page.

This was my first more complicated grid design, so I faced some challenges in terms of spacing and getting thumbnails to be the right size. It was good practice with tables at the time, although I've come to realize that tables are one of my least favorite things to use in development.



April 2014


Twitter Bootstrap, Sublime 2