Work: Hot Or Cold Game


My very first Thinkful project was to create a hot or cold game to guess a number between 1 and 100. It needed to show previous guesses, as well as have some sort of feedback each time you guessed a number.

I knew that I wanted a clean, simple look for the interface. I wanted lots of white space and a sleek font. The most important thing, however, was finding the right thing to use as a feedback meter. I originally thought about using some sort of image that resembled a car's speedometer, with different stop points for "cold", "warm", "warmer", and "hot". But that ended up being too complicated.

Instead, I found the Raphaël JavaScript Library, which I used to create a vector graphic of a color bar, so it would still look nice and not blurry when zoomed in. I added some script that changed the color of the bar and the feedback text depending on how far apart the guessed number was from the actual number, which was generated upon page load.



December 2013


Sublime 2, Raphaël JavaScript Library