Work: Incentive


*I contributed to this project as an employee of Salted Stone

One of my recent projects at Salted Stone, the agency that I work for, was for a social collaboration platform called Incentive. Shoutout to our designers and the brand because I love this design and the color scheme.

It's not too often that myself and another front-end developer work on the same project, but we did for this one. Since my coworker did most of the site and laid out the groundwork, it was definitely a learning experience to familiarize myself with another developer's code, so that I could be as consistent as possible when writing my own.

Incentive's site was built on HubSpot, and I made the About Us page and the Industries page. I also built several landing pages for Incentive and made various edits on the site, including on the Pricing page.

It was a pretty straightforward project, so I'd say the biggest challenge initially was taking time to go through the other developer's code and CSS classes, so that I could reuse them wherever I could. I enjoyed the challenge, though, and working together with another developer to build something awesome.



January 2015

Salted Stone



HubSpot, HTML, CSS