Work: Jennifer Lawrence Quotes Quiz


The Jennifer Lawrence Quotes Quiz was a Thinkful assignment to create a quiz app to teach us about radio buttons. It had to include user feedback for each question, but for the most part we were able to be as creative as we wanted.

Being a huge fan of JLaw (and her unfiltered quotes), I came up with the idea to create a quiz to test knowledge of correct Jennifer Lawrence quotes. I thought of how I would want to build this app, and decided to use the Twitter Bootstrap image carousel. I took the carousel and built slides with one question per slide.

I had three forms of feedback on each slide. On the bottom left of each question was the text "Score: 0 out of 10 correct". If the user selected an answer, then clicked the submit button, the score number would change, such as "Score: 1 out of 10 correct". The second form of feedback was that the actual text on the Submit button would change. If correct, it would change from "Submit" to "You Got It!". If incorrect, it would change from "Submit" to "Incorrect". The third form of feedback on the slide was, if correct, the answer selected would display a green background. If incorrect, the answer selected would display a red background. At the end of the quiz was a slide that totaled up the number of correct answers.



December 2013


Twitter Bootstrap, Sublime 2