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Happiness Self-Awareness & Goals

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I can’t remember where my train of thought started but it was sometime before I started writing this blog post. I started thinking about my Happiness Planner and how there are fields for “Today I’m excited about” and “Good things about today” and literally the only things I ever write in those sections are about food or working out (but mostly food). Here are some sample entries:

Jan.20 – Today I’m excited about: 
Making soup & Black Mirror
Jan.20 – Good things about today: AYCE Mongolian BBQ

Jan.21 – Today I’m excited about: KANG HO-DONG!!! & massage

Jan.24 – Today I’m excited about: Lunch & dinner w/Alex
Jan.24 – Good things about today: Noodles for lunch & steak for dinner

Jan.25 – Today I’m excited about: Girls’ night dinner
Jan.25 – Good things about today: I woke up to work out!

It makes me wonder what other people would write about. Do I just not have a lot to be happy about? I don’t think that’s it – I think it’s just that food makes me really, really happy. But also, how do you measure your own happiness (in life)? I’m not a gusher, never been. I don’t go around expressing how excited I am that it’s Tuesday and the sky is blue and the birds are chirping and I’m so happy to be alive or whatever. But I’m not unhappy either. The way I see it, if you’re unhappy, then something in your life needs to change, but if I’m not unhappy, I guess I’m content with how my life is right now.

The thing with the Happiness Planner is that it forces me to write about things I’m happy about for that particular day, so none of my entries reflect the fact that I’m grateful for my family, for a husband that I still get so excited to spend time with, for having a place to live, for my health, for having strong friendships in each stage of my life (and a couple who have been there in every stage of my life), for being able to enjoy the outdoors.

While I may not write all these things down, I guess it’s good that I’ve been reflecting more on them, as well as my goals. As content as I am with my life, I also don’t want my growth to be stagnant. In the past week, I started setting goals for myself and also for my team, and I’m excited (as excited as I’m going to get but like I said, I’m not a gusher) to started working towards them. I’m not really a New Year’s Resolutions kind of person, so this is as close as I’m going to get, I suppose.

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