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*I contributed to this project as an employee of Salted Stone

I've currently been at Salted Stone, a full-service inbound and digital marketing agency and HubSpot Gold Partner, for about six months now. In that time, I've come a long way and learned so much as a result of working with some great people.

When I moved to Beijing, China in 2009, I didn't know how to speak Mandarin, but immersion was really the best way to go, and I'm now fairly fluent in Mandarin. The same goes for immersion in a development environment. My first week on the job at Salted Stone, I had the daunting task of rebuilding our company's new website. I built it in Wordpress and using Advanced Custom Fields, which I had never worked with before but have come to love.

Advanced Custom Fields, a plugin created by Elliot Condon, is a way for developers to create custom data fields, such as an image field or text area field, that make it simple for clients to update their websites on the backend of Wordpress. One example of how I used ACF for Salted Stone's website was the "What We Do" section - I created custom fields for an icon font, name of service (e.g. "Marketing"), and service details (e.g. "Strategy, Inbound, Search, Communications"). That way, if we ever want to change or add a service, we just need to go to the Home page in the Wordpress dashboard and edit the icon, text, and description.

Instead of using just images, I added icon fonts to the site, which look significantly sharper when zoomed in. I spent a lot of time researching how exactly to implement icon fonts, and now it comes second nature to me.

Creating responsive views of the site (mobile, tablet, and desktop) was made easier with the different Illustrator mockups provided to me by our Art Director.

Looking back, I really appreciate being given the opportunity to dive right in and get my hands dirty on my first week with the agency. It was an invaluable learning experience, and like I said, I had some great people to turn to for resources and support.



September 2014

Salted Stone

Wordpress, Illustrator, Advanced Custom Fields, HTML, CSS, jQuery